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The Birth of Lionel’s Choice

A Clear Mission

Lionel was a working dog, and like many other dogs, he suffered from severe skin allergies. These were attributed to allergens found in his feed. The predicament of this working dog deeply moved Lionel, our founder (who shares the same name). The mission was clear: to develop a holistic diet that supports gut, skin, and coat health.

An acclaimed animal nutritionist and consulting veterinarian took up the challenge, and so the brand known today as Lionel’s Choice was born.

Mission Objectives

Develop a fixed feed formulation suitable for all breeds regardless of their frame size.


Its contents had to consist of quality ingredients with fewer potential allergens minimising the risk of adverse reactions to certain ingredients.


Incorporate natural supplements that support the immune system’s ability to cope with potential allergic triggers.


Be affordable, as many service and shelter dogs rely on food supplied via state tender or donations, often lacking the nutritional elements needed by service dogs.

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